Leaders For Kids


The-GirlLeaders for Kids offers a vehicle through which you can join other community leaders who want to help us in our work and achieve our vision of thriving children. The group was formed to recognize those whose efforts to support THRIVE and to advocate for children and youth go above and beyond - those who stand up and speak out, encourage others to get involved, and support our work in a variety of important ways.

Our regular series of  Community Briefings are designed to help leaders from across the Hamilton area share an understanding of the complex issues surrounding child abuse and trauma and the challenges and opportunities facing our community in this area. Only with this shared understanding can we truly engage community stakeholders in a meaningful, constructive and absolutely essential dialogue about how Hamilton can and should address the horrific problem of child sexual abuse, childhood trauma, and the trauma-related challenges faced by young newcomers. It's time. Our Community Briefings offer everything from definitions of child abuse and highlights of telling statistics to research about the impact of child abuse and trauma on victims, families, and our community and the importance and benefits of intervention and treatment. Future Briefings will continue to highlight research in the field as well as provide news of related initiatives and opportunities. We also regularly feature a Leaders for Kids profile in these Briefings, acknowledging the amazing support of these individuals and encouraging others to join us in this leadership and advocacy role.

It is our hope that our Community Briefings will help bring to light how significantly Hamilton and its vision for the future are affected by childhood trauma and abuse - at the individual, family, neighbourhood, community, and broader levels. From health to education, from employment to economics to justice, this is a devastating and far-reaching problem.The stakes are high.Our attention and our investment are critical.

We all know the tremendous need and urgency out there to help those who have the smallest voices in our community – our children. I believe that business and the communities in which they work have a lot to offer each other and that together, we can begin to address the escalating problem of child maltreatment and abuse."

– Pat Tremaine, Vice-President, Consumer Markets, Bell Canada

What does it mean to be a Leader For Kids?

Leaders For Kids offers a vehicle through which you can join forces with others who want to provide leadership and initiative in Hamilton's response to childhood trauma and abuse. This is an important strategic initiative for THRIVE Child and Youth Trauma Services - to involve concerned leaders from across the community who will lend their voice and support in various ways to help us realize our vision and who share our belief that thriving children create thriving communities.

  • To add your name to the distribution list for our Community Briefings or to indicate your interest in being a Leader For Kids This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • To lend your financial support to help us prevent child sexual abuse and help child victims of abuse and trauma click here.

Our current roster of Leaders for Kids includes the following individuals who are lending their voices and support to our vision of thriving children in generous and noteworthy ways:

Anna Allevato
Dan Bowman
Glenn De Caire
Tim Dickins
Nancy Falls
Laura Gainey
Rocco Gizzarelli
Brenda Ginn
Bruce Gottzman
Dave Hacking
Vince Isber
Jon Jurus
Fred Losani
Lino Losani
George McCarter
Dan McLean
Margaret Maillet
Brian Melo
Joyce Morrison
Dr. Anne Niec
Mike Shea
Karen Smith
Southern Cruisers Riding Club Chapter 57
Dr. Frank Stechey
Brenda Symons-Moulton
Brian Tisdale
Kelly Lazure-Valconi
Lori-Ann Walsh
Ziauddin Yousafzai (Honourary)

To be the best city in Canada to raise a child, promote innovation, engage citizens and provide diverse economic opportunities"
– City of Hamilton Vision Statement