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 We believe thriving children create thriving communities. To that end, we focus on a community-wide response to childhood trauma that combines excellence in treatment, state-of-the-art education, and community oriented prevention initiatives aimed at reducing the incidence and impact of child maltreatment and promoting the safe and healthy development of children.

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IMPORTANT ALERT – for Clients and Community Partners

RE: COVID-19 Business Continuity Planning

UPDATED: April 1st, 2020

As stated in the Thrive vision, “We believe thriving children create thriving communities”, so it goes without saying that community is at the heart of everything we do.  This extends beyond our staff, and clients and Hamilton community, to include the entire global population. The developments over the last week with respect to COVID-19 have been arriving rapidly. Like many others in our community, the Board of Directors together with myself have been closely following the progress and watching the suggested guidelines/actions by the Government of Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and other local health organizations.  By working together, we can make a difference in this outbreak by flattening the curve to decrease the rate of transmission and protecting those among us who are most vulnerable to COVID-19.

Trying times like this also provide incredible opportunities for learning. As we look towards the future, we will emerge with new shared learnings, ways of working together, thus a more responsive and supportive service to families accessing, which in turn creates stronger communities.  Yesterday, Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health issued the following to employers as part of his statement, “I am asking all employers in Ontarian to facilitate virtual work arrangements to enable employees to work from home where possible to enable workers to limit their activities, care for children and to self-isolate. However, I recognize that there are a number of workplaces where this is not possible. I would ask those employers to use their judgement to sustain operations in a manner that maintains social distancing.”

Thrive Child and Youth Trauma Services will be closed for all in person meetings and appointments until May 4th. As we receive ongoing direction and updates from our Public Health officials, the decision has been made to continue working remotely in an effort to flatten the curve to decrease the rate of transmission and protect those amongst us who are most vulnerable to COVID-19.  We will continue to monitor the situation and reassess the situation closer to the May 4th date that has been extended for school boards.  Our clinical focus has shifted to assess risk and safety and provide support where needed.Staff will be available and working from home and can be reached by email should you require any support – contact information can be located on our webpage at www.thrivechildandyouth.ca/contact. Please be advised that all voicemails will be checked daily and responded to within 24 business hours.  

We understand that this decision may cause additional anxiety for children and youth whose appointments will have to be postponed at this time. In case of an emergency, or a serious concern regarding any child or youth, please contact any of the phone numbers listed below where you can reach someone who will assist you:

Some important telephone numbers you may require during this time:

  • Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST): (905) 972-8338
  • Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton (CAS): (905) 522-1121
  • Catholic Children’s Aid Society (CCAS): (905) 525-2012
  • CAS and CCAS emergency after hours’ line: (905) 5228053
  • Kids Help Phone, a Canadian charitable organization that provides 24/7 free confidential professional online and telephone counselling and volunteer-led, text-based support in English and French to youth up to age 20 across Canada

 Additional Resources:

  • Visit Ontario's website to learn more about how the province continues to protect Ontarians from COVID-19.
  • Visit the City of Hamilton webpage for more information about Closures & Cancellations Due to COVID-19  - https://www.hamilton.ca/alert/98886
  • For more information from Public Health Hamilton on the steps beign taken to protect the Health and safety of our community, please visit - https://www.hamilton.ca/node/95791

We will be closely monitoring local health information for updates and hope to be resuming services in the very near future when it is safe to do so.

Stay safe and healthy.

Stephanie Taylor and the Board of Directors at Thrive


Homebound: How to Keep Kids Safe Online 

How to Keep Kids Safe Online

An Article from Culture Reframed: Building Resilience & Resistence to Hypersexualized Media & Porn (https://www.culturereframed.org/)


You are on our minds. We hope that you have drawn your loved ones near and that you’re weathering this unprecedented health crisis.

With workplaces shuttered and schools closed for an indeterminate period, many of us are sheltering at home. It’s no surprise that screens will become a central pastime. Young people, especially, will miss their friends, may feel anxious, and will be seeking entertainment and distraction. Young people are especially vulnerable to porn, which is available for free 24/7 via smartphones and on teen platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. We want to make sure you have the tools and tips for keeping your kids safe.

One of the simplest ways to take stock of which conversations we need to have with our kids about online safety is to ask when, where, what, why, and how? Culture Reframed recommends these 5 ways to keep your kids safe on social media:

WHEN? Check in with your child regarding time limits. With kids faced with spending weeks at home, how long is reasonable to spend online? What agreements do you have in place to ensure that the whole day isn’t wasted, and for prioritizing more productive or creative activities?

WHERE? Do you know where your kids are going online? Have you discussed safe and unsafe spaces to hang out online? If all their friends are on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, or gaming platforms, are they (and you!) aware of the safety issues of these platforms? Online platforms can be an easy pathway to access porn, or for porn themes to be normalized. Begin or revisit conversations that help kids reflect on their social media use. We offer conversation scripts for download in our Programs for Parents.

WHAT? Have you brainstormed with your kids what to do if they see or are involved in something online that’s unsafe, unhelpful, or worse still, illegal? With social isolation the focus, it might be tempting for teens to “get sexy” online or fall prey to predatory behaviors. This is an important time to revisit conversations about the illegal and risky elements of sexting. Sexting & the Online Digital Footprint (see the Program for Parents of Teens/Module 7) provides helpful guidance for these conversations.

WHY? Are your kids clear about why pornography is so problematic for their sexual, emotional, mental, social, and relational health and development? The more knowledge you have, the more clearly you will be able to articulate to your young person why pornography is harmful and help them build skills for making safe decisions. Every element of Culture Reframed’s Programs for Parents is designed to build confidence in parents and caregivers to brave these essential conversations.

HOW? With guidelines established, how will you check in with your child’s online world? Ask them to take you on a tour of some of their day’s interactions; maintain open communication; and make sure they know that you’re there for them, even when they make a mistake or find themselves in a less than ideal situation.

We recommend that you use the Social Media & Mobile Phone Contract to set or reestablish these safety boundaries—developing an open and honest relationship with your child about their online activities is crucial. Prioritizing reasonable boundaries will mean they are more likely to safely enjoy their time online. They may not always get it right (in fact, we anticipate that they won’t!), so make a commitment, together with your child, to flexibility and learning together. We also highly recommend installing apps and filters as a protective measure (check out Common Sense Media’s helpful tips). No matter how you do it, the highest priority is to help your kids think and respond critically to the pornified culture that surrounds them.

HIPC Event

HIPC hosted the annual Service Provider Day for front line staff, on the topic of mental health, on February 21 at City Lab. Mental health is a complex topic to address. HIPC partnered with experts from City of Hamilton Public Health, Thrive Child and Youth Trauma Services, and Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST), to introduce resources available in the community, and discuss pathways to care. Following the presentations, attendees had an opportunity to network, share current programs and consider next steps for collaboration to keep the learning going.


Happy Family Day long-weekend! A reminder that Thrive Child and Youth Trauma Services will be closed on Monday, February 17th to observe. Looking for something fun to do with the whole family? Check out these events taking place all weekend long! https://www.todocanada.ca/things-weekend-hamilton/

Every February, people around the world are invited to participate in Black History Month festivities and events that honor the legacy of Black Canadians, past and present. Below you will find a list of events happening this month in Hamilton and surrounding communities!

Event & Details

When & Where

1. Black History Month Lecture at Griffin House

A fascinating lecture that celebrates Black History month with guest speaker Kojo ‘Easy’ Damptey, an Afro-Soul musician and scholar-practitioner, with stories of existence, resilience and resistance.

Wednesday, February 12: 7:00 to 9:00pm

Ancaster Town Hall 310 Wilson Street E., Ancaster

2. Griffin House Stories

Learn about local early Black settler Enerals Griffin.

Multiple dates & locations:

  • Tuesday, February 4: 2:30 – 3:30pm

Ancaster Library, 300 Wilson St E., Ancaster

  • Wednesday, February 12: 2:30 - 3:30pm

Dundas Library, 18 Ogilvie St., Dundas

  • Tuesday, February 18: 3:00 - 4:00pm

              Red Hill Library, 695 Queenston Rd., Hamilton

  • Wednesday, February 19: 2:00 - 3:00pm

Turner Park Library, 352 Rymal Rd E., Hamilton

3. Black History Month Launch

Hamilton Black History Council hosting free event with speakers, vendor pop-up, artists, spotlight on local history makers and shapers

Saturday, Jan 31: 4:00 – 7:00pm

Central Library, 55 York Boulevard, Hamilton

4. Underground Railroad paper quilt

Learn about the Underground Railroad Quilt codes and make a paper quilt.

Multiple dates & locations:

  • Saturday, February 1:2-3:00pm

Turner Park Library, 352 Rymal Rd E., Hamilton

  • Friday, February 7: 3:30 – 4:30pm

Westdale Library, 955 King St W., Hamilton

5. Black History of Flamborough

Learn about the contributions of Black people in Flamborough’s past.

Thursday, February 6: 7:00 – 8:00pm

Waterdown Library, 163 Dundas St E., Dundas

6. Holiday Crafts – Peace Wreath

Ages 4-8 yrs. Create a peace wreath in honour of Black History Month.

Thursday, February 13: 3:30 – 5:00pm

Terry Berry Library, 100 Mohawk Road W., Hamilton

7. Lecture by Anne Jarvis

In recognition of Black History Month, join us for a talk by Anne Jarvis, who will tell the Griffin family story and their connection to Ancaster.

Tuesday, February 11: 7:30 to 9:00pm

Battlefield House Museum & Park, 77 King St W., Hamilton

Cost: Free for members. $2 for non-members.

8. Black Youth Pathways to Success

Together We Rise / S'Élever Ensemble (TWR-SEE) is pleased to hold its annual Black history event. This year’s event is centered on Black youth. A moderated panel discussion on the challenges and realities faced by Black youth in their journey to success. Prior to the event, TWR will reveal its new logo and provide a summary of our projects in the past year. The event will also have a celebratory component highlighting youth. Admission is free of charge and light refreshment/ snacks will be provided.

Wednesday, February 5: 5:00 – 8:00pm

Hamilton Central Library, 55 York Blvd, Hamilton

9. Movie - Honour before Glory (2002, PG)

Docudrama about Canada's only all-Black military battalion that was formed during World War I. Above all, the film pays homage to the black soldiers of the Number Two Construction Battalion who showed that the measure of a man is made through the courage in his heart and not by the colour of his skin. Program includes a talk by director Anthony Sherwood.

Multiple dates:

  • Wednesday, February 19: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Ancaster Library, 300 Wilson St E., Ancaster

  • Friday, February 21: 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Turner Park Library, 352 Rymal Rd E., Hamilton

  • Saturday, February 22 from 1-2:30pm

Turner Park Library, 352 Rymal Rd E., Hamilton

  • Sunday, February 23 from 2:00 - 5:00pm

Central Library, 55 York Boulevard, Hamilton

10. Movie - Queen and Slim (14A)

In partnership with Ancaster 2020 Film Fest, Griffin House National Historic Site is pleased, a recently released film in celebration of Black History Month. While on a forgettable first date together in Ohio, a black man (Get Out's Daniel Kaluuya) and a black woman (Jodie Turner-Smith, in her first starring feature-film role), are pulled over for a minor traffic infraction. The situation escalates, with sudden and tragic results, when the man kills the police officer in self-defense. Terrified and in fear for their lives, the man, a retail employee, and the woman, a criminal defense lawyer, are forced to go on the run. But the incident is captured on video and goes viral, and the couple unwittingly become a symbol of trauma, terror, grief and pain for people across the country.

Multiple times:

Monday February 10

1:00 to 3:30pm or 7:15 to 9:15pm

Cineplex Cinemas Ancaster, 771 Golf Links Rd

Cost: $10

11. Movie – Toni Morrison: The pieces I am (PG)

In partnership with Ancaster 2020 Film Fest, Griffin House National Historic Site, a recently released film in celebration of Black History Month. This artful and intimate meditation on the legendary story- teller examines her life, her works and the powerful themes she has confronted throughout her literary career.

Monday, February 10: 4:00 to 6:15pm

Cineplex Cinemas Ancaster, 771 Golf Links Rd

      Cost: $10

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