Funding & Sustainability


Our base of financial support is derived from a combination of public funds, private donations, and our own fund development initiatives. This is a delicate balance that sustains our programs and services at current levels. But more is needed – sustainability allows us to help only a limited number of those in need. In order to enhance our capacity and provide help to more children and families, additional financial resources are necessary and essential.

THRIVE Child and Youth Trauma Services receives public funds through a service agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Children & Youth Services and through the City of Hamilton's Community Enrichment Fund. We are committed to excellent stewardship of this public investment, keeping administrative costs low and using innovative, cost-effective strategies to ensure every possible dollar goes directly into programs and services for young people.

The last several years have seen us help more children and youth than ever before. Still, others wait. We regularly see children as young as 3 on our wait list, and overall the length of time waiting for assessment and treatment is growing. For many children, this wait can lead to trauma symptoms that become more severe, and ultimately this requires longer (and costlier) treatment. THRIVE is committed to minimizing the wait time for our services, but we can't address these pressures without the help and investment of a caring community. 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually victimized before their 18th birthday - our capacity to be there when these young people need our help is limited only by available resources.

We must ensure that we can respond in a timely way to each and every child whose experience of abuse results in a need for treatment and support. Getting beyond the trauma of abuse can be a painful and lasting challenge for these young people. For most, seeking services and facing their trauma requires incredible courage. Without services like ours, these brave youngsters may face an unacceptable future of difficulties with their health, mental health, education, employment, life skills, and community participation. Research has shown just how costly this can be to individuals, families, and communities. As we strive to be a centre of excellence in the field of child abuse treatment and prevention, we encourage individuals, companies, and other potential resource partners to help strengthen our efforts.

Treatment works. Young people who undergo comprehensive assessment and participate in specialized trauma treatment achieve tremendous and positive outcomes. They can go on to lead inspiring and confident lives - to thrive. We believe thriving children create thriving communities, so our investment in these vital services for young people ultimately benefits us all. Our efforts to implement prevention and education initiatives are also vital parts of our community's response to child abuse. Treatment alone is not enough - prevention programs and initiatives are essential too. Please join us in making sure both treatment and prevention programs are part of Hamilton's commitment to the safe and healthy development of young people.

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