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 We believe thriving children create thriving communities. To that end, we focus on a community-wide response to childhood trauma that combines excellence in treatment, state-of-the-art education, and community oriented prevention initiatives aimed at reducing the incidence and impact of child maltreatment and promoting the safe and healthy development of children.

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Each year, Thrive Child and Youth Trauma Services chooses one deserving person from our community who has gone above and beyond to support our agency and help the children and youth we serve everyday to receive the Leaders for Kids Award. This year we are pleased to have one of our own staff win this award. Janice Floyd started her career at Thrive on March 5, 2001. Although her work has changed over the years, her passion and commitment never have. Janice is the first contact many families have with our agency; she hears the unfiltered stories, the raw emotions and the overwhelming upset of what families are facing. She is the one who provides the reassurance and the confidence that Thrive is here to help. 

Janice's commitment and support go beyond the walls of this organization. She is a natural networker that is deeply connected into her community through a number of activities. From being a part of the John C. Holland Awards, to serving holiday meals at the local food bank, there is a long list of things where Janice gives selflessly to make Hamilton a better place for the children and youth who grow up here. She talk about Thrive and our work in every interaction she has; she embraces our mission, vision and values and makes connections across our community daily. Janice regularly demonstrates that this is more than "just a job". This has resulted in significant donations throughout the years, connections to new contacts/conferences and events, and spreading awareness of our work in ways which would not be possible without her networking and willingness to make connections into her personal life.

In 19 years, it would be hard to think that there haven't been some up's and down's; regardless, Janice has always stood bye the organization and has brought her passion and purpose to positively impact the children and youth in our community. May this award convey our respect and deepest appreciation for all that she has contributed to helping children thrive.

Congratulations, Janice! 

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