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award winning school-based educational program is no longer available; we are looking at the potential to produce an updated and improved resource that offers best practices and current material, so please check back or contact us for the latest developments..

Touching Kit

"TOUCHING" is about child abuse, relationships and problem solving. This award winning video and teacher's kit was developed for use in elementary school classrooms ranging from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. It is a complete step-by-step program designed to address a very sensitive topic in an entertaining and non-threatening way.

Touching has been hailed as one of the best teaching tools that addresses the subject of child abuse. The teacher's kit contains a thorough guide that explains and examines prevention techniques. It includes problem solving and role-playing exercises, games, quizzes, illustrations, music, and lyric sheets.

Connections are made for the teacher to the curriculum so that the "Touching" kit may be used as a stand-alone resource as a supplement to an existing child abuse prevention program.

What's Inside

The Kit includes:

"Touching" - The Video

The internationally acclaimed "Touching" video is a world class production with zany characters, inspiring vignettes, finger snapping music all wrapped around a framework of key child abuse prevention concepts. The program encompasses several critical issues relating to children's safety including the subject of bullies, "stranger danger" and abuse by a known and trusted adult.

"Touching", the video, successfully balances truth and technique with great care and creative energy."Bill Eleker,

The Bill of Body Rights

The Bill of Body Rights is an easy to follow set of guidelines that help the characters resolve each issue. It provides a structure by which children are able to empower themselves with the knowledge and the confidence to effectively deal with situations that involve "touching".

Concept Cards

Six large colourful cards developed to reinforce the lessons communicated through the video are included. Classroom strategies presented on the backs of the cards encourage children to learn by participation. Activities include problem solving, the decision-making process, assertiveness training, feelings identification, body ownership and personal responsibility.

The Teacher's Guide

The Teacher's Guide provides a thorough and complete resource on all aspects of child abuse. It incorporates legal definitions and reporting procedures; guidelines for disclosure; identification and investigation; treatment and prevention.

The Teacher's Guide uses specific references to the "Touching" video to fortify key prevention concepts. Supplementary activities encourage children to cooperate and communicate by introducing brain storming and problem solving techniques.

The Music

A very comprehensive prevention resource!"Kristine Hinton, Teacher/Consultant
Edmonton, Alberta

As an added bonus the captivating songs from the "Touching" video have been transposed into a music curriculum ideal for use in the classroom. This feature component of the Teacher's Guide provides for song-based activities to reinforce the messages; Say no to a bad touch! Get away from a bad touch! And tell someone you trust about a bad touch!

An excellent resource for teaching children about personal safety. The language used, the songs and the overall presentation will appear to children of all ages. The Teacher's Guide that accompanies the video is excellent."Cheri Szereszewski, Resource Reviews
ECE Link Newsletter
(Association of Ealry Childhood Educators Ontario)


The Teacher's Kit: A Complete Child Abuse Prevention Program

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All of the components of the Teacher's Kit are contained in a colourful package which will sit comfortably on any bookshelf. It is not recommended that the video be used in isolation from the supplementary materials which are contained in the kit. Teacher preparation and follow up with students is a critical aspect of any successful child abuse prevention program.

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